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Site Review:  Please visit Cool Resources.com Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star  Please check them out before you go anywhere else, we did, and we found lots of very useful resources. They have certainly earned our 4 star rating.

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Associate-it.com Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
The Ultimate Directory of affiliate programs, associate programs: A leading web portal/community for affiliate, associate, pay per click, revenue sharing programs, categorized and searchable. Publishes top ten, popular, new lists and a free b-weekly newsletter.
Cool Resources.com Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
There are over a million web sites on the internet today. Out of those sites very few ever become successful. Why you ask? It has nothing to do with luck. It has to do with having the knowledge to stay ahead of the competition and some hard work. Here at CoolResources.com we can't teach you to work hard but we can share the knowledge needed to make your site a success.
Website Tools Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
website tools - free webspace, promoting websites, web hosting, tutorials, programming, books, domain names, graphics, free cgi scripts, free downloads, validators, e commerce, software.
Windiablo.com Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
Web based resources in relation to site promotion and web development.
AAANewsletters.Com Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
FREE email newsletters that provide you with the latest free information. Free information and free newsletters from all categories.
ArticleCentral.com - The Content Directory For Web Professionals Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star 
The content directory for web professionals. Monitoring hundreds of web development related sites, daily.
Big Mailbox Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star 
Offer your members FREE web-based email and generate repeat traffic to your website!
Play-for-fun casino games for your site Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
Add our realistic casino games to your site for free and watch your site's time spent per visit and repeat visits skyrocket. It is a well know fact that game content drives traffic and casino games are the most popular of all games. Our play-for-fun games are fast loading java applets that run on our servers, so they don't use any of your bandwidth.
PromotionData.com Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star 
Ranksmart Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star 
Browse the top-ranked sites on the SiteGauge network by reach, views, depth, stickiness and pace.
The World Wide Web Consortium Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential as a forum for information, commerce, communication, and collective understanding.
Waligator Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
worldwide guide to some of the most useful international web resources
WebMasterFree.com Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star 
he best source for free software and services for webmasters and website owners. Download commercial level software absolutely free and keep it forever. Thirty New titles added weekly.
Ad Resource Less Clicks StarLess Clicks Star 
Ad Resource features information on Internet advertising and Web site promotion that help publishers understand World Wide Web and e-mail advertising and attract visitors to their site.
Duvigneaud dot Net Less Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
Web authoring, webmaster resources, resume help, site promotion, web graphics, clip-art, clip art, free stuff, for the webmaster.
FreeWebmaster.com Less Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
Free Webmaster Resource Directory. Free graphics, software, search engine submission, hosting, graphics, site tools, awards, software, banners, and more!
WDForums Less Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
...for developers by developers. Working for a solution.
WebmasterGate - Webmaster Resources Less Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
Webmaster resources directory: graphics collections (fonts, gifs, clip-arts), scripts (CGI, JavaScript, DHTML), tutorials, online tools (banner creation, image optimizers), web site promotion (banner exchange, classifieds, traffic building programs). List your site for free.
ZY Modules  Less Clicks StarLess Clicks Star 
The new quick and easy way to add professional quality graphics and dynamic functions to your web site. Customize your own headings, buttons, mouse-over button bars, java effects, photos, visitor counters and banners. No programming skills required.
ZY Web Builder Less Clicks StarLess Clicks Star 
The easiest way to create and publish professional quality graphical web pages. ZY Web Builder - everything you need to produce stunning web pages, including hosting and no technical skills required.
An all free webmaster's site featuring free CGI scripts, graphics, and over 300 original tutorials on all subjects important to a webmaster.
BlackStump PPPoWWW Page
Every two days Pirate Pete Picks the best and most interesting sites on the Web.
BookmarksPlus enables Internet users to save and retrieve favorite web sites from any computer. Password protected accounts ensure privacy, while enabling the exchange of public bookmarks with others.
CNET Builder.com 
The site for site builders.
CyberAtlas is the source for Internet statistics, market research, demographics and surveys. Find statistics on e-commerce, Internet advertising, and online populations from a variety of sources in one place.
DevEdge Online
Netscape DevEdge Online offers technical documentation, sample code, software downloads, newsgroups and other resources for Internet application developers.
DotCom Reviews
Reviews of web sites in categories including auctions, web site creation, web site promotion, apartment finders, travel sites like priceline, CD stores like CDNow, driving directions, college sites like collegestudent.com, comedy.
Increase your traffic and user loyalty by adding discussions, chats, polls and more!
Information City  
Help for the new or experienced webmaster. Variety of free tools and promotion resources. Learn how to sell online. Free tools, software, and promotion resources. This site is designed to help you every step of the way. We even supply the products you can sell.. Professional services available.
Marketing Resource Center, The 
The Marketing Resource Center is a resource and reference center designed to assist businesses with their traditional and internet marketing efforts.
Microsoft Intranet Resource Center 
Using or researching corporate intranets? This is a clearinghouse of resources to help you plan, build, maintain, and support your intranet. Contact us with comments and suggestions.
Online World Resources Handbook 
The Online World resources handbook deals with practical aspects of using the rapidly growing global on-line information resource,in which the Internet plays an increasingly important part.
Receive FREE expert advice, articles, product reviews, tutorials and Industry News to help you grow your website and online business.
SlashdotNews for Nerds. Stuff that Matters
Slashdot was originally created in september of 97 by Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda. Today it is owned by Andover.net. Slashdot is run primarily by me, Jeff "Hemos" Bates who posts stories, sells advertising, and handles the book reviews and Robin "Roblimo" Miller who has recently come on board to help us handle some of the more managerial sides of the site, as well as (surprise!) posting stories. Bandwidth comes Digital Nation.
The Internet Information Command And Integration Center 
The Internet Information Command And Control Center.
The Webmasters Pub
A must for amateur and professional webmasters alike. Fresh new articles, resources, promotion tips, online courses, graphics, designing help, books, weekly newsletters, and much more!
Webmaster tools, webmaster resources, web page building tools, web page building resources, web site building tools, web site building resources, free webmaster tools, free webmaster resources and web design tools.
TopHosts.com provides the latest information on creating a great-looking webpage. Our webmaster resources page combine extensive content from four web sites we acquired. Whether you are just starting out, or need advanced tips, TopHosts has something for every webmaster!
WEBalley - web publishing for beginners 
Excellent html tutorials and web design guides. Free templates to help beginners writing their first basic homepage. Tips on how to use graphics on your website. Tutorials to teach you everyting you need to know to create and publish your first website. Online home page wizard, online search engine submission, web design resources directory.
Mission: Our mission is to become the global leader in bringing the human element to cyberspace, helping to remove the barriers to browsing, buying, and searching online, and to enable Web sites as e-commerce gateways to make them profitable businesses in the new economy.
Webmasters Corner
The premiere hub for Webmaster-related news, interests, and communities.
With Moreover.com you can add customized news to your site, absolutely free of charge. Moreover.com is the easiest way to add value to your web site. You choose from over 200 categories of news headlines to put on your site. You customize it to the 'look and feel' of your web site so it looks like your content! All you have to do is use our 3-Step Wizard and cut and past the finished html in your site. Where else do you get that?
WebReference is the definitive guide to web development with tutorials on all aspects of web design. With free computer software in java script, dynamic html and perl, plus free web-based authoring tools.
Web Soup 
No fancy graphics, DEFINITELY no GIF89 animations, No obscure imagemaps, No advertisements, No hit counters, No camouflage backgrounds, No buggy Java applets, No scrolling JavaScripts Just the links.
W3Nation.com - Where Everyone Has Access to the Code
Where Webmasters Discover Brand New Territory. News, Reviews, Columns, Tips, Tutorials, Free Images, plus much more!
ZDNET Help Channel Home Page 
Help and how to.
1001 Web Sites
With more than 2 million Web Sites out there it;'s hard to find the good stuff. Get right to the best sites instantly with PC Computing's second annual Internet directory. Our editors and Internet experts spent months combing the Web to compile this guide to the best sites for business, home, and recreation. It's the only bookmark list you'll ever need. Come back often for updates!

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